The Starwars Wedding

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Sci-Fi Table Decorations and Seating Plans

The Brief:
This project was a great deal of fun and very close to my heart as this design was for my brother and sister-in-laws wedding. The happy couple wanted to integrate a subtle Starwars theme into their wedding without it being to ‘overwhelming’. It was decided that each of the tables would be named after the planets from the Starwars universe and a seating plan would be produced to match. The table decorations were designed to look like ‘holographic projectors’, showing a schematic of each planet and also incorporated the couples names using the Aurebesh (Starwars) script. These were simply printed, double sided, on thick, high quality card and slotted together. The seating plan was then produced to mimic the opening credits of the movies.


Seating Plan


Table Decorations

Table-dec---Corellia Table-dec---Coruscant Table-dec---Death-Star Table-dec---Endor Table-dec---Hoth Table-dec---Kashyyk Table-dec---Dagobah Table-dec---Naboo Table-dec---Tatooine Table-dec---Yavin-IV

Final Product

IMG_3115 IMG_3051 P1030267 P1030270 P1030404 P1030405 P1030519

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